During the meeting held in Beijing, many Chinese heads of state,  and other Chinese and foreign guests, explored how to approach the China’s “one belt, one road” initiative, and discussed about mutual cooperation. The green development of energy companies, and their transformation and going out,  was also an important topic and content.

The new energy system is gradually forming

There are three key points: infrastructure, transportation and energy, along with the decline in the cost of solar energy, and the entire energy industry is in a time of great change. “Trina Solar, chairman and chief executive officer, “Along the way” international cooperation summit forum “to speed up facilities Unicom” parallel theme meeting pointed out.

Gao Ji, who believes that “the renewable energy as the main body to the wisdom of the energy network as a platform for the new energy system is gradually formed, so in the ‘area along the way’ along the country, should not build coal, fossil energy as the main energy system.

It is reported that since 2013, “one way along the” initiative since the Trina Solar’s international business is also more in-depth along the market. Not only component sales and power plant construction, the company also layout manufacturing base. At present, Trina Solar’s business has expanded to 39 markets in 65 countries, accounting for 60% of the “one way” region.

“We have seen increasing demand for energy in emerging economies, and we are increasingly concerned about the use of clean energy,” he said. “There are a lot of applications for ‘all the way’ along the country. Is an opportunity. “

Take the Trina Solar plant in Thailand, for example, from May 2015 to the first batch of components shipped in December, to achieve from zero to 700MW battery and 650MW components of the production capacity of only 241 days. At present, Thailand Tienhe has fully transferred to normal operation, with a total investment of 200 million US dollars, for the local to create more than 1,000 jobs, is expected to annual sales of 350 million US dollars. Trina Solar in Turkey, India and other countries along the country’s business volume has occupied a good market share in the local local PV industry plays an indispensable role in the development.

Green production and capital to go out

Recently, the Ministry of Environmental Protection, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce four ministries jointly issued the “on promoting green” area along the way “construction guidance” shows that China’s green production and capital output attention.

Jing Jing, vice president of energy, told this reporter, “Xi Jinping, general secretary pointed out that ‘the way’ the core task is through green infrastructure, green trade and green energy to help countries along the green economy, green finance will play to An important role.

Nine Dragons Paper Chairman Zhang Yin said that the “area along the way” to bring development potential and opportunities full of expectations, it is recommended that the state as soon as possible the introduction of “one way along the” implementation details for the actual situation of countries to develop relevant policy standards for enterprises to go out more Easy to operate.

Many energy companies are responding to national initiatives, by boat to the sea, by “one way along the” platform to go out.

In addition to the products covering all countries along the “all the way”, Jingke Energy will also be able to go out of production, in Southeast Asia and Africa, many regions have set up a considerable scale of overseas factories, to bring capital along the country, technology and experience, and training local Staff, cultivate local PV talent, provide a large number of employment opportunities, create output and tax.

“These efforts have accelerated the sustainable development of the local green economy, so that the governments and people of the countries along the country really feel the benefits of China’s ‘one-way all’ initiative and expand the influence and inspiration of the ‘all the way’ through the country,” he said. “

It is understood that Jingke Energy in the “area along the way” involved in the country’s power plant project investment in the number and size of the first in the industry, which in Abu Dhabi has the world’s largest single photovoltaic power plant project. Jingke practice “area along the way” put forward the concept of green development of emerging economies, and the National Bank, import and export banks and other major domestic financial institutions, work together to go out together to create a “green silk road.”

In fact, the new energy industry, whether it is front-end equipment manufacturing or investment in the development of downstream power plants, it is a capital-intensive industries, its demand for capital is relatively large, and is a continuing need.

Qian Jing that “troops and horses did not move, forage first to green enterprises to go out, green capital to go out first.This includes the expansion in the ‘area along the way’ on the country’s green financial institutions, improve the quality of green enterprises Credit lines, to provide more innovative green financial products and services, not only to support but to cooperate in the identity, and actively participate in similar to like the crystal energy such as the world’s leading new energy companies in the ‘one way’ national clean energy and other basis Facilities and capacity cooperation projects. “